I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, went to Art school, moved to Northern Spain to surf/teach English for 2 years, back to S.F., formed the band, “Swell”, 5 albums and numerous European tours (we were big over there man), followed with living/painting/playing music stints in Paris, Brussels, London, Santa Cruz, three returns to Santa Barbara, Marin, and now back to Santa Barbara.

Through it all, I managed to pick up a bunch of colors, images and the need to put it all on paper. What you see kind of parallels the last few years and the need to share those moods.

I could go on about education, past exhibits, etc., but that seems irrelevant as I write this. What is pertinent, is what you, the viewer get out of these pieces.
My paintings/pastels are about mood, atmosphere, colors. Being still with the land and the ambience that we usually miss in our hurried pace. Everything has an undiscovered  energy, and hopefully, my art reflects that.

INFLUENCES: Edward Munch, Early Picasso, Sundrenched faded walls of Southern France, “Dark Side”, “Animals”, “Wish You Were Here”, Harold Budd/Brian Eno’s “The Pearl”, Dub: Big Youth, King Tubby, “Augustus Pablo meets Rockers Uptown”, Big Band from the 30s-40s, early morning/late eve surf sessions, My sons Sage and Seth, and long walks with little on my mind except the next painting.